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Mold Prevention Inspection

Most mold testing and mold clean up companies are typically only thought of after there is the discovery or  suspicion of mold.   Once this happens the home or business owner is typically faced with a large mold remediation bill and a lot of questions, mainly “how did this happen”.    Let’s face it, people are busy with work, school, life and kids and most times until the car needs new breaks, you don’t think of it.   You don’t  think about getting the HVAC ducts cleaned until you happen to pass a vent and notice that there is dust all over the grill and it looks horrible.   The difference of course between duct cleaning, new brakes and mold removal is that the first two are considered routine maintenance is that mold contamination is completely preventable.

So what is included in the Mold Prevention Inspection?   The key areas of concern in mold inspections are:

  • Basement mold inspection
  • Attic Mold Inspection
  • Crawlspace mold Inspection

Those areas are where 90% of mold contamination occurs (this does not include a flood or leak event which are considered non-maintenance-related events).    For basements here are some of the following issues we will address:

  • Relative Humidity below 55% (dehumidifier if needed)
  • NO cardboard, paper or any other wood-based material out in open (plastic bins a must)
  • Direct source of water intrusion (hydrostatic pressure,  foundation leaks, plumbing failures)

Some of the issues in the attic we will look for:

  • Proper ventilation through adequate attic fans.
  • Proper clearance of ventilation from soffit and ridge vents.
  • Correct venting of bathroom and dryer fans directly to exterior and not terminating in the attic.

Crawlspaces will have the following list of items to look at:

  • Proper cross ventilation.
  • Presence of a functional vapor Barrier.
  • Proper installation of insulation as to allow free movement of air.

These are just some of the many aspects of a Mold Prevention Inspection that will give you all of the information and tools to make sure that you are never faced with a $5000.00 mold removal bill.

Mold Prevention Inspection Questions

Q)    Q) How long does the average mold inspection take to perform?      

A)    1-2 Hours

Q)    If I already have mold, should I have a mold prevention inspection performed for the rest of my home?

A)     No, if you already know you have mold then in course of your mold remediation plan you should be provided with a complete inspection of your entire home for other outbreaks of mold contamination.

Q)    What is the cost of a Mold Prevention Inspection?

A)     The cost for the inspection and comprehensive report is $375.00 ($75/each for air sampling).

Q)    Is there any warranty associated with this inspection?

A)     We offer a 5 year warranty against any mold contamination not related to a water leak or flood event.


  1. Some methods can identify a portion of the types of live (viable) molds in a sampled environment, but these may also miss or under count those are not live or won’t grow well on the nutrients used to incubate the sample.

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