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Commercial & Residential Mold Removal in Manayunk, Pennsylvania


A clean environment is a healthy environment. This is particularly true where mold is concerned. Mold can grow in many places within a home or work area, and at certain levels it can begin to cause health risks to humans. Eco Tech is here to clean up mold from your environment and protect your health.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. I was extremely worried about so many things that I ignored a leaky roof for almost 2 years. When I noticed that there was black mold growing on two of my bedroom ceilings, I cried for days. Two companies came out and gave pricing well over $10,000. Bill Gillon from Eco Tech was 30% less than the other highest quote and did an incredible job. I was very vulnerable at the time and had taken out a loan to pay for hospital bills and the mold so without Eco Tech I would have paid a lot more for mold and had a lot less for my medical bills. If trustworthy is what you are looking for then Bill Gillon and his staff are the people to call.

– Rita R. Manyunk, PA

Mold Removal Services: Manayunk Mold Removal

In the humid northeast, mold removal services are common. One reason for this is that humidity and other forms of dampness, coupled with poor ventilation, create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Manayunk mold removal services are the only way to ensure that this substance has been thoroughly gotten rid of.

Residential and Commercial Mold Testing, Manayunk Mold Testing

When we send out employees to perform Manayunk mold testing, which is the first step in the eradication process, we send only trained, certified technicians. These skilled workers are experts in both residential mold testing and commercial mold testing. They know how to use scientific mold tests, and they know where throughout a home or facility that mold is most likely present.

Mold Inspection PA, Mold Inspection Manayunk

Mold inspection in PA is meticulous, and it’s important, because mold often exists in places people rarely think to look – or places where they can’t get to, and also because tiny mold spores can’t be seen by the naked eye. Do you need mold inspection in Manayunk? If you’ve never had this service performed, the answer is probably yes.

Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation: Mold Remediation Manayunk

Following a thorough inspection, we move on to killing and getting rid of the mold. Mold remediation in Manayunk involves many steps and uses tools such as scrapers, wire brushes and electric sanders as well as foggers that kill mold that we’ve found but can’t reach. Residential mold remediation and commercial mold remediation should be performed only by experienced, certified individuals.

Along with mold inspection and remediation, Eco Tech also offers full service hoarding cleanups and professional water damage restoration after a flood. If you’d like to know more about any of our services or to schedule an appointment, call 833-277-3100, or contact us by e-mail.

Serving Manayunk, Pennsylvania, zip code: 19127.

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