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Mold detection services can find mold virtually anywhere in a home

For homeowners concerned with the presence of mold in their houses, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is, there’s probably more mold than they think there is. The good news is it can be found through a professional mold home inspection and then carefully removed by technicians trained in this service.

Mold is prolific in its growth, and it’s possible to find fungal spores on virtually every surface in a home. Mold detection services professionals tell their customers that the problem may not be severe, as long as the mold stays put and doesn’t become airborne.

But mold can easily get into the air, and from there into a home’s ventilation system, and from there into people’s lungs. Experienced mold home inspection companies are aware of this when evaluating a home for the presence of mold and take great precautions to stop the problem as quickly as possible.

While mold can be found just about anywhere, there are certain places – or most importantly, conditions – where it’s most likely to be. Anywhere within a home that is damp and improperly ventilated is a prime breeding ground for mold. Available nutrients and temperature can also determine how fast and how much mold grows. If there’s plenty of food, a mold home inspection will likely be necessary to determine the extent of the situation.

Under normal conditions, in a properly ventilated and basically dry home, mold shouldn’t be a big issue. But events such as pipe-leakage, floods, roof leaks, drainage problems and the like can set the stage for a serious mold contamination. Mold detection services are able to determine where mold is growing in damp conditions, and they can also find mold in places a homeowner may never think to look.

The difficulty with mold is that it is a living organism, meaning it grows. The way it does this is through dead organic matter (food) that’s in the environment. Mold home inspection pros know that many materials found in average homes provide ideal food for mold. Some of these include:

  • Paper
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Textiles
  • Wood products
  • Grease
  • Certain types of paint

Additionally, dust that has dead human or animal skin cells and other organic material can be excellent food for mold, if there’s enough moisture in it. When a mold detection services technician sees loads of dust in a home, he or she knows there could be unseen mold growing within it.

There are more than 10,000 difference species of mold, and they require different temperature ranges to grow optimally. Unfortunately, many of these species thrive in 60- to 80-degree weather, just like most people. Add to this the moisture and materials factors spoken of above, and the home may wind up needing professional mold detection services.

Many other factors affect the growth of mold in a home. Mold inspection isn’t necessary for every single house, but like with many “routine” medical exams, it surely can’t hurt to have it performed every couple years. is a professional mold home inspection company serving customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You can learn more about their mold inspection and remediation services on their website.

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