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Recent record Humidity and Rain levels in the Northeastern US Mean More Work for Home Mold inspection services

Over the last couple of years, people in the mold detection services business in the northeast United States have been hearing one question from a lot of homeowners: Why does my home have mold now, when I’ve lived here for years and years mold-free? Mold home inspection pros know the answer.

Assuming there hasn’t been a water-intrusion event (bad leak, flood), the answer is because in this part of the country, we’ve had the rainiest, most humid climate during the last two years than at any other time in recorded history. Mold detection services are in demand right now because moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. Home inspection technicians are not surprised by the outbreak.

Hot, arid climates typically produce few serious issues with mold. Detection services, with technicians trained to find and remove mold, know that if a person lives in rainy, humid areas, their chances for developing a potentially serious mold contamination are far greater than for those living in, say Phoenix or Las Vegas. Mold home inspections should be performed regularly in humid, wet states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, because often the untrained naked eye (homeowner) can’t spot the fungus.

Mold home inspection services focus on two things: first, test for mold and have the test analyzed to determine they types and quantity of mold in a home; second, initiate a mold remediation (removal) project. Because of the intricacies involved in the testing process, mold detection services must be performed by field technicians with at least two years’ hands-on experience, assuring that they know all the “tricks of the trade.”

It’s one thing to find a little mold on your shower curtain and spray it down with bleach. It’s another thing when mold home inspection turns up a dangerous infestation in your basement that has spread through the HVAC system into other parts of the house and now threatens the health of everyone living there. Mold detection services are not needed for shower curtains. But they’re indispensable when health risks are present.

Because of the last few years of high humidity and huge amounts of rain, mold home inspection professionals are used to hearing or reading about more people having mold-related symptoms: allergies, eye, nose and throat irritation, bronchitis and other respiratory infections, sinus congestion and, in rare cases, cancer. Hiring a quality mold detection service can alleviate some or all of these symptoms, because these companies are the only ones qualified to safely rid your home of the cause.

Thankfully, this year is turning out to be dryer than the last two, but that doesn’t mean the mold bred by all that previous rain and humidity is going to go away by itself. Mold home inspection is the way to first find out how much if any mold is growing in your home and then determine the best way to remove it. People who work in mold detection services also know that any time mold is found, it’s very possible a whole lot more is present but can’t be seen because it’s within materials, behind walls or growing in areas most people can’t get to.

If you live in the U.S. northeast, don’t wait until you see mold in your home to do something about it. Contact a certified mold home inspection service and find out now if this fungus is living and growing in your home. Mold detection services want to help people live healthier lives and teach them what they can do to prevent a mold re-infestation.

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