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Household mold testing: it may be the only way to discover this dangerous substance in your home environment

Is there a mold problem in your house? Mold testing can give you a definite answer. will send an experienced mold-removal specialist to your house to perform thorough household mold testing services that can safeguard your health.

Mold is dangerous and can contribute to a number of medical problems. Often people don’t realize mold exists in their home, which is why household mold testing is so important. Without warning, symptoms like rash, diabetes, vertigo, eye problems and nausea can arise. takes household mold testing seriously. We have a variety of methods to detect the presence of this substance in your house. Mold testing performed by our specialists can include:

  • Air sampling This involves testing the interior air for the presence of spores.
  • Bulk sampling Here we test suspected contaminated material such as carpets and sheetrock.
  • Swab sampling House mold testing using this method is an excellent way to determine the species of mold on a surface. (There are thousands of known species!)
  • Viable spore count In this test, we use a Petri dish with fluid that catches any mold spores passing over it.

We would be happy to explain more about our home mold testing procedures. You can also visit our Household Mold Testing page and read more about each of these tests, how we perform them and what the results tell us.

In many cases, an outbreak of mold is visible in your house. Mold testing is the next obvious step. However, mold cannot always be seen – but it invariably can produce effects on the people living near it. Airborne mold spores can enter the body through the respiratory system and cause symptoms, thereby indicating the presence of mold.

To understand the problems that can develop with mold and the importance of household mold testing, there are several things you should know. We outlined 10 of them on our 10 Things You Should Know page. Please read it, and if you suspect there is mold in your surroundings, inquire about house mold testing today.

If we come to your home and discover the presence of mold, we will immediately initiate procedures to remove it. These procedures can include containment, mechanical ventilation and filtration, HEPA vacuuming, directional flogging, physical mold removal, encapsulation and breakdown. It’s a critical process that couldn’t be initiated without thorough house mold testing as the first step.

You can read about various mold-removal processes on our Mold Removal page. You can also look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mold page to learn more about mold and why household mold testing is so important. On that site, a list of possible health problems caused by mold is outlined. It includes:

  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Wheezing
  • Skin irritation
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Mold infections in the lungs (in people with lung disorders already present)

It’s impossible to rid the world of all its hazards to our health. But we can engage in proper house mold testing and removal, thus creating a safer environment for ourselves and our loved ones. If you believe that mold may exist in your home, call us and order expert household mold testing services. We’ll be on the job promptly.

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