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Commercial & Residential Mold Removal in Medford, New Jersey


Have you ever had the experience where you used a product to get rid of some mold only to have the mold come return? This is unfortunately common when mold removal is performed by individuals without the necessary training and experience. Eco Tech provides services that will solve your mold problem for good.

All of my friends and family call me Mr. Cheapo. I like to think of myself as savy  When I found mold in my attic I called 5 companies for an estimate. I emailed each of them 20 questions I had come up with in regards to the project and the companies. 1 guy never replied, 1 guy gave all yes-no answers and 2 of them were illiterate I think. Eco Tech was the only company that took my questions seriously. I know it was a pain in the arse, but I also knew that the job was going to be very expensive and I wanted to make sure I hired the right company. They did an excellent job and for what I considered a reasonable price.

– Steve C. Medford, NJ

Mold Removal Services: Medford Mold Removal

In many cases, particularly when there is a large contamination of mold in a home or workplace, simply spraying it with mold-killer is not enough to take care of the problem. This is why Eco Tech’s mold removal services professionals use a variety of tools and equipment to thoroughly remove mold for our customers in Medford. Mold removal is both art and science.

Residential and Commercial Mold Testing, Medford Mold Testing

But before we can start getting rid of mold, we have to find out where it is and how much there is. Mold can grow just about anywhere. Residential mold testing and commercial mold testing efforts often find the substance in dark, damp, out-of-the-way areas that are poorly ventilated. Medford mold testing uncovers both obvious and non-obvious mold.

Mold Inspection NJ, Mold Inspection Medford

Mold can exist on surfaces and in the air and not be visible to the human eye. When we do mold testing NJ, we trap both airborne and surface mold to determine location and quantity. Pros who do mold inspection in Medford are aware that mold is a living organism and therefore capable of growing and spreading. We know that small quantities can become large quantities if left unattended.

Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation: Mold Remediation Medford

Mold remediation in Medford is the process of getting rid of mold in a home or office. Some mold we can remove with hand tools. In other cases foggers are necessary. Airborne mold in the contaminated area can be sucked into a filtering vacuum so that it can no longer harm anyone. In performing commercial mold remediation and residential mold remediation, our goal is always safety and thoroughness.

Call Eco Tech at (856) 833-1030, or send us an e-mail to learn more about our mold services as well as water damage restoration and cleanups in hoarding situations. We look forward to hearing from you.

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